When I got to meet Lee Ryan

The best part of my London trip took place after the concert.
It was freezing. I was wearing ballerina shoes, a leather jacket and a scarf on top of my jeans and peplum top. Jo was wearing a simular jacket and heels. At the end of October. Not so smart, we knew that. (Like we cared? We had to look smashing, lol.) I could barely feel my toes but still we refused to leave and when Jo said she was cold I didn't think twice of giving her my scarf. Leaving was not an option.
After a long wait the lads started coming out for a few minuites at the time. When we waited for our turn to talk to Antony my hands shook so badly I could barely hold my iphone. And that wasn't from the cold. It was adrenaline.
Me and Antony.
Duncan only poped out for a short visit and the only picture we got with him was one we took paparazzi style.
Lee was out for 2 short visits and promised that he would come out again to take pictures with every one of us who wanted. And he did. After a little more than 2 hours he came out. At that time (around 2 o'clock in the morning) we were "the first in line" by the fences and I got my wish. I finally got to meet the most gorgeous man I've ever layed my eyes on. I got a hug and a picture with him. This might have been the 3 happiest minuites of my life; and I couldn't say a thing. I might've stuttered "Oh my god." or "Thank you." I can't really remember, lol. I guess I had a kind of black out.
Lee Ryan and me.
As you can see trying to end up good on a picture with Lee Ryan turned out to be impossible for me. I was trying so hard to breathe normally, stay calm and come up with something good to say that looking good was forgotten, haha. (I don't really care anyway. He's gorgeous enough for both of us, lol.)
I'm still losing my mind a little evey time I see this picture. The happiness I felt and still feel can't be explained. I mean, even if I did explain there are not many people who would really understand.
The only disapointing thing was that we didn't get to meet Duncan and Simon properly.
- But that only means that we gotta go to another concert. So it's not really bad at all! ♥
Any way, I'll never forget this night. The 22nd of October 2013. A night I had waited for since I was 13 years old.
(This is written in English so that my friend Michelle can read it.)

Johannas Retro

Söt du är gumman! Kul för er att va med om nått sånt, de närmaste jag kommit ett känt band är Hardcore Superstar x)

SV: Varför då? Blir du sjösjuk? :P
Eller hur? ^^

Tack gumman! Kram

Svar: Haha, det är en bit på vägen ;)
Ang båtar: Jag är rädd. Minsta gungning och jag får panik typ. Är livrädd att det ska gå åt helvete med båten och att jag inte kan ta mig därifrån. Riktigt fånigt jag vet men jag var med om en riktigt otäck båtfärd för flera år sedan och det satte sina spår.



Verkar som du fått uppleva något riktigt skoj du!

Svar: Hah jag vet faktiskt inte själv heller hur man ska överleva den där förbaskade vintern, men man har jue gjort det så många år förut så vrf inte nu också ;)

Svar: Du, det lovar jag att jag har, haha! :)Ja, det har du nog rätt i!




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